Anchor Iron Company

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Custom Ironwork: Start to Finish

Field Measurements
Your ironwork is being custom manufactured, so accurate on-site measurements are the critical first step to ensure the finished iron fits your exact location and specifications.

Your ironwork starts as twenty foot lengths of raw steel, selected from the steel racks to begin each job.

The material is cut to size to create each custom section of ironwork

The cut parts are laid out on the welding table and all the angles and spaces are carefully aligned and checked.

With the parts laid precisely in place, the welding process permanently joins all components together.

Both an art and a science, the grinding process smooths the welds, creating seamless joints and giving your job a finished look.

A three part process is used to coat your ironwork. First, the iron is dipped to ensure total coverage and protect the steel. Second, a coat of primer is sprayed on. Finally, the finish color coat is applied. This layered process creates a beautiful, durable, easy to maintain finish.

Expert, experienced installers bring the finished ironwork to your location and put it permanently in place, according to your plan.